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“Thank you for a most wonderfully revealing article.” —source, “Area Man Serves Poorest of the Poor”, UMConnection

“Time and again, Carrie Madren has surpassed my expectations.” —editor-in-chief, Bay Weekly

“Carrie’s writing is colorful and clear, even with complicated topics.” —Jaime Ciavarra, former associate editor, GW Magazine

“As a fellow writer/journalist, I really appreciate folks who can capture the essence of a subject and communicate it in an engaging fashion.” —source, “What’s the Cache?”, American Forests magazine

“This is a finely crafted, action packed story that brings home the message.” —source, “Alien Weeds”, American Forests magazine

“Like a good student you were able not only to write about what I said but extend beyond our interview to write about what I intended to say.” —profile subject, Bay Weekly


Freelance Editor and Writer